6 thoughts on “and all that Jazz

  1. So adorables!

    Is Jazz a Jack Russell? I almost adopted one of those from a shelter. That little sweetie fell in love with me and jumped so high up in the air in his cage (one that a person could walk into and make acquaintance) he went above my waist so that I could catch him-that scared me because of our fencing in the backyard wasn’t that tall. Our neighbor has a dog with JR in him and when he gets loose no one can catch him! He’s a cutie, too!

    Jazz, you are so kissable! ❤

    1. Well, Jazz is supposed to be all chi-wow-wah. LOL!

      People ask me all the time what breed he’s mixed with. It’s because he has the coat markings of Boston Terrier, too. The vet thinks he’s all Chi, but I agree with you and others that there’s something else coursing through his heritage. It very well could be Jack Russell….. Jazz jumps up into my arms all the time, just like a Jack Russell that you describe. You see, Jazz is insanely jealous of anyone and anything that I turn my attention to. So, when we’re outside and I’m talking to a neighbor, into my arms Jazz jumps. Then, he puts his two front paws around my neck (putting himself between me and whomever I’m talking to!) and licks my face like a maniac – just so I’ll know he’s number one! LOL…

      1. What a big baby!

        I had a mini/toy poodle who would get very jealous, too. When our friends or neighbors would stop by with their dogs, my poodle would go to the other end of the yard, stick his head up in the air like a snob and sit there until the dog was gone. And if it was just the people with no dogs, he had to be in my arms at all times. If anyone, including the hubs, came near, he bared his teeth and growled. That dog of mine got the nickname of Shoe for being underfoot all the time! He was an abandoned dog when his owner suddenly passed. A loverboy.

        You know, come to think of it, I was looking at chihauhau images the other day and saw the little dogs with markings like Jazz’. He could be all chi!

  2. Awwww, how cute! Well, Jazz doesn’t growl, he’s very submissive and sometimes, when he gets really excited, he springs a leak!

    I love the name Shoe! Jazz got his name as a result of jumping around like a crazy dancer!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    I’m packing, packing, packing….(moving next month…ugg)

  3. Momma’s tellin’ on Jazz! …springs a leak..awww…that’s what I call a piddle dog…lol!

    Oh, have fun moving! I don’t envy you. I’m sure it’s a move up, though. You, too, have a wonderful weekend. 😀

    p.s.~neat theme!

  4. LOL! Yup, I am a-tellin’ on the squirty fella. He’s a widdle piddle dog is right! He’s full of happiness that’s so intense that when he sees someone he loves (like little kids) invariably a widdle piddle or three results. LOL! But, it’s not much to write home about. But the kids, oh my – some of them go ballistic at the sight of a little accident – especially when it’s on their shoe! tee hee.

    I found this theme by accident… it was one of the WordPress featured ones that caught my eye, and methinks it’s grand because it’s Jazz’s colors, too!


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