They call them Nuisance Muscovies but I don’t

These birds are called “Nuisance Muscovy Ducks,” and reside in most parts of Florida.  This “breed” of duck is indigenous to Texas, but home grown in Florida.

These duck are all over my backyard which is situated on a Florida Fresh-water canal.

There is a long and mean history surrounding these ducks.  Florida doesn’t want them and laws come and go regarding how to “deal” i.e. eradicate them.

It is against the law to kill them (right now), but it is not against the law for the law to curb their existence, is what I am learning.

Looks like a hairpiece!

wearing your brain

They are clearly not gossamer creatures, but they are dignified in their own right.

Muscovy Ducks look as if they wear their brain on the outside!

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