more muscovy ducks

What a glorious gift to wake up to!

I awoke to find a new family of Muscovy ducks in the back yard.  I believe there are 11 newbies total.  I do hope this group of chicks will be allowed to grow up.  Sadly, the last crew may have met with a less fortunate fate.  I don’t want to imagine what happened to the last crew.  Last month, each day I watched as the new family dwindled from eight new ducklings to zero.

It’s interesting how social these ducks are.  Pardon the quasi-pun, but there does seem to be a pecking order here.

The Muscovy Aunt and Uncles (it’s clear to see they are related) hang out and watch over the group of young with the mother.

And there are other hangers-on, too.  There’s about seven total in this lively group and judging by the looks of them – how much their markings are similar – I believe there’s a lot of in-breeding going on, too.

Ah well, such is life in the world of the so-called “Nuisance Muscovy” clan.

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