new ducklings abound!

awwwww! the grass is taller than they are!

So soft looking!

They all look alike!

Feeling ready to march into the world

So Many - I counted 16!

Beyond cute

getting ready to swim!

Taking a swim

Taking a Swim

Another family of babes – 16 in all – seen tonight!

The older group

The older group - love the yellow ones!

huddled together like one

All huddled together!

This is the older group of babies

This group of babes are a few days older

2 thoughts on “new ducklings abound!

  1. Awwww….how cute!

    We used to get Herman and Hilda in our yard every spring for years until a family moved in and started shooting their BB guns at the squirrels. They have not come back since.

    I love your photography! I’d love to print a few of the pics up to frame for my family room! I’d love a calender made of these pics! I’d love to have one of these little ones! Okay, I know i can’t be messin’ with nature 😦 You need to go into business here! LOL!

    You are a wonderful photographer of nature-beautiful!

    1. Awww, thank you so much! You are most welcome to print and frame any photos! I’d be happy to send you the jpg of the photo, too. that’s not a problem.

      I love photography -especially of nature, I’d love to blog and take pictures full time…ah, that would be a dream come true… 🙂

      I have some additional pics that I want to post of the adult ducks, too. They fascinate me with their odd faces and their personalities – it’s really interesting…. I have hundreds of photographs of these ducks – so many that I feel like the Jane Goodall of Muscovy Ducks!

      But, seriously, they are fascinating creatures – very social – I’m not too sure how smart they are, but they do have an incredible memory, that I do know…

      Anyway, thanks again and big hugs…..

      I am hitting the ole hay… 🙂

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