lovin’ spoonbill

This is the Roseate Spoonbill!   I nearly fainted to see it this morning!

I feel so honored to have this lovely creature come visit this morning. The loveliest Roseate Spoonbill that I’ve ever seen, and I have seen a few, but only in captivity; never like this, so beautifully close and in the wild.

I have, on my iPhone, an Audubon Guide to Nature and it’s the best investment in “apps” that I’ve made to date! As far as the history of these birds, the Audubon Guide informs that early in the century, people hunted these lovely birds to use their plumes – so lovely they are – and poachers severely depleted the Roseate. Protective laws went into place, however, and fortunately, they are no longer endangered. Thank heaven for this – what a sight they are!

This little Rose was not afraid of me in the least – well, as long as I kept at least 6 feet distance, it was okay.

I took over 500 shots, I’m trying to choose the very best to share here. I hope you enjoy seeing this lovely.

I love how the wind ruffles the pink feathers

a feather out of place?

what a profile

stood so still for me


wadin' in the water

has an eye on something good to eat

This was the natural light I used today! 🙂

the natural light worked well here

about as close as I could get

Ballerina-like pose

a nice sip

lovely pose

working the shoreline to find food


I swear this was the Roseate yawning!

Hopping around!

my lovely

love the smile

very demure

picture of calm

has something to say

4 thoughts on “lovin’ spoonbill

  1. What a beautiful bird! 500 pictures?! Wow! What a lovely bird to pose for you that long.

    And here I am trying all the time to get a good cardinal picture-they just know when I have a camera pointed at them… 😛

    1. Good morning! Yes, I took over 500 of the spoonbill! I was just enthralled to get so close to it and to see it in all its beauty was so fantastic!

      oh my, we don’t have cardinals here in Florida 😦 you’re lucky to see them, though! When you do snap a shot of that illusive beauty, you must post it!

      Have a great day!

    1. Hi Journey Photographic! thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated! It is interesting that you mention the focus on the eyes…. it’s true, I generally focus right there on the eyes (I find them so interesting) and hope for the best!

      Again, thank you!

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