why I love florida

It’s because of brightly lit days and salmon-colored flowers that I love florida.  Now, there’s a whole lot more to florida than a single hibiscus.  However, it’s the beauty of this weekend sky, and the dazzling color of this flower that just makes my day.

5 thoughts on “why I love florida

  1. Now this looks like you took this shot Andrea. I have an hibiscus growing ferociously in a pot for the last couple of years. Do you know if I can plant it in the ground? Don’t forget I live in Canada (Ontario), but I have seen a lot of hibiscus shrubs in the area. The are simply beautiful and I so want to keep it thriving and growing. It’s ready to be repotted into a larger pot but I thought since Fall is coming perhaps I could transplant it into our garden? Anyway I will definatelybe asking a professional up here but I know you love plants so I am asking you too. Up late tonight, can’t sleep. I hate that, so here I am, trying to tire myself out. I love this site. I forgot all about that beautfiul Lily in water. Keep this going girl. You are so talented. Ok now I’m off to bed once again. ha ha. Hope my sleeping pill finally kicks in. Don’t know why my mind keeps swirling. Too many thoughts, not enough time in the day. lol

    1. Hi Weezie! You always make me smile! Yes, I took this yesterday! I just love the color of the flower against the blue sky… the sky was so blue and pretty yesterday; today is grey and rain is threatening, so it’s a day to stay in and chill.

      I hope you got a good night’s sleep last night! I sure did. I had a busy day, and was a domesticated diva last night: ironed, cleaned, and made brownies, too! The fact that I ironed was unusual (I do hate to), but also made brownies and managed to keep the oven clean, now that was a feat! The brownie smell is still hanging in the air this morning (it’s a little sickly sweet for the morning…LOL!)

      Big hugs!!!!!

  2. Oh damn it. I wrote you a whole book and it told me I didn’t have the right email address. I’m typing without my glasses so that’s probably a typo I made. I was trying to tell you I played tilll 6am cleaing my computer with the new softward I bought. I finally felt the pangs of sleep and weaved my way into bed. What a nut case …. I just ruined today. Very sluggish. Maybe I’ll drop by and have some of those yummy brownies of yours. I f I don’t make it over it’s because my bed hit me on the way. ha ha. Keep those photos coming Andrea I love them. I will try at my end to send you something too.

  3. LOL Weezie! You need some good sleep! Boy, it’s still morning here, but I just had a brownie and I did a good job with them, if I do say so myself (and I just did!)

    The weather is clearing a bit and so I may go off to Butterfly World and see if I can photograph nature a bit today… Always my favorite past time. If I am able to go (if the sky stays clear) I’ll post the pictures!

    Hope you get 40 winks… 😉

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