using a Tamron macro lens at “Butterfly World”

The photos in this slideshow were taken with Tamron Macro Lens.  AF 90mm 1:8.2 Macro 1:1.

I would have liked a bit more “crispness” in the result, but I’ve learned that if the Macro does not have “Image Stabilizer,” it’s tough to capture moving birds and butterflies without some blur.  Regardless, it was a lovely day and these photos, though far from perfect, do capture how much I enjoyed the sights, sounds and magic over head, in the ground, and all around.

4 thoughts on “using a Tamron macro lens at “Butterfly World”

  1. These photos are so real-like. It feels like I’m with you on the adventure. Isn’t Mother Nature the most exquiisite experience and joy. What would we do without all this beauty. Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to send this to my neighbour who is experimenting with his own camera. Also Peter is trying ressurect an old camera but I have a feeling we will have to move into the 21 st century camera ownership. Thanks so much. Fall is setting in. Quite chilly today but going back up to mid 20’s on the weekend. My niece is getting married on 25th of this month. I hope it stays warmish for her special event. Take care. Love Weezie

    1. weeeezieeee! Thank you my dear for your kind comments! Mother Nature is so lovely, it’s true… I love her in all her glory, except when it comes to bugs!!! LOL… critters are okay, but bugs for some reason just make me shutter and shake!!!
      Oh, I wish we’d get a little cooler here, but I’m afraid that we’ll not see cooler temps until the middle or the end of October – if we don’t get a hurricane first…!

      I have a Canon camera… they are the best. Mine is a Rebel XD 1000. It’s digital and I love it!

      I’ll email you the link to the camera if you’d like. 🙂

      oh my, your niece may have to wear some long johns under her gown!!!!

      It’s so wonderful to hear from you, as always…. Big ole warm hugs to ya my friend….. xoxoxoxox

  2. Andrea; Hi my sweet friend. I posted but it didn’t stick. I was saying it makes me want to step onto the wooden planks and follow the foliage that drapes the bridge. Beautiful shot. Hope you are well and life is treating you grandly. Love Weezie

  3. Oh, thank you dear Weezie! Yes, it’s a beautiful and lush area, and so close to home, too. It is lovely to walk the paths and see all kinds of foliage and bugs and butterflies and birds! I’m doing quite well…. Will be posting more frequently again soon… 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing good, too! ❤ big hugs my dear friend, Andrea

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