feeling pink

It’s difficult to believe that another year is coming to an end………  I’m thinking about all the Christmas shopping I have to do still, taxes, house to clean, errands to run, and then I think, oh my goodness, I have two weeks OFF!  Well, I work Monday, then have the rest of the week, and the next week free and clear.  Don’t have to return to work until January 3rd!

Now, it’s not that I dislike my work, I like the work I do, but it’s work!  And life is life! When I work, it sometimes feels like I have to put my life over there, on a shelf until the weekend arrives.  So, having two weeks off means “Hello Life!”

Yeap, I’m feeling in the pink of things!

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

2 thoughts on “feeling pink

  1. Yes I’m sure you are very pleased to now LIVE THE LIFE you want. I hate to admit that I am retired, but I will say one thing. Every time I look at the 6:00 pm news in our city, I just groan and say if I had to do that every day of the week I would shoot myself. Now back when I had tons of energy, I never thought about traffic jams, nor did I get angry about them. Now I just moan and sigh with relief that it isn’t me. I know that some people love to work, but I can admit, am I ever glad that part of my life is over. I don’t feel any stress except for Xmas, but that is pretty natural a feeling.
    I hope you really enjoy your time and take your time to do things. It’s a time to rest and refect about your life and others. Hope to see you here during the holidays. Just about to make my second round of shortbread cookies. mmmmm they are melt in your mouth if you want the recipe let me know. Pretty darned easy too. Love Weezie

    1. Hey My Dear Weezie, Yeap, I’m just so thrilled to be getting this time off! I’m taking vacation time the first week, then the second week, the university is closed! It’s a wonderful thing! And, my two grown nieces are coming to town, too. One lives in Chicago, the other in NYC. That’s a gift in itself.

      You will surely see me during the holidays! Oh, and I can almost smell your cookies now! Yummie! I would love to have the recipe, that would be swell! Did you get the email I sent you about the camera?
      Sending love and big hugs!!!!!!

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