for the love of art

I’ve attempted to make it seem as if there’s a light inside the flower in this shot:

Ball of Orange by Andrea O'Connell

I’ve played with colors and shadows in this one.  In reality, this little flower is red:

From Red to Pink by Andrea O'Connell

Here’s another version of the same type of flower as above…. I altered the color from red to this pretty purple shade:

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

These are common little flowers that commonly appear in Florida, on hedges.  I don’t know what type of hedge it is though.  The flowers are less than an inch vertically, and a quarter of an inch wide.  In the below shot, the bud is almost ready to open:

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

Below is a brand new leaf on the verge of becoming. I’m not sure if the image would look better if it was vertically aligned.  Maybe it’s more interesting off-center?  I’m not sure.

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

And this is the same little flower as the purple above, just a different tree and captured on a different day.

Buds by Andrea O'Connell

This is a White Morpho Butterfly.  I like the shot but wish the butterfly were sharper:

White Morpho By Andrea O'Connell

This is a Mexican Sunflower:

Mexican Sunflower by Andrea O'Connell

This is the Blue Morpho Butterfly:

Blue Morpho Butterfly by Andrea O'Connell

I’m going to the Miami Zoo tomorrow… oh boy!  Dreaming of all the possibilities….

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