A Day at the Zoo

What a perfect day at the zoo it was today!  The air this morning, at Zoo Miami, was in the mid 70’s – skies were so blue and the animals were incredibly happy and frisky.  By the time mid-afternoon rolled around, it was HOT – in the 80’s. But, a lovely breeze helped.

Here are just a couple pictures from today.  I have hundreds more to go through…. it will take me about a month to get to them all!  Regardless, I wanted to share a few here for your enjoyment!

Here’s a male Orangutan.  He has a mate in captivity, and she’s pregnant!  This will be the first Orangutan baby born at the zoo!

For the life of me I cannot remember what kind of bear this guy is. He was in a pure state of delight – lounging on the highest branch….

Here’s one of the Asian elephants…

Here’s another elephant.  This one never stopped swaying in the breeze and bobbing his/her head up and down.  It was so sweet to see…

I captured one of the elephants drinking from the little pool…. I think their trunks and their feet are incredible!

Here’s the female rhinoceros with her baby, born December 29th, 2011/

Here’s the king of the jungle!  We were so lucky to see this guy outside and lounging high on the rocks today.  He was posing like crazy!  I have some really good shots of him that I’ll be posting in the next few days and weeks.

The gorillas were amazing today!  The fellow below, with his feet in the air, is the only Silver-Back gorilla (I think that’s how they refer to him).  And what a character he is!  Look at him lounging with his feet up!  Here’s one of the giraffes!  Oh how I love them.  I have so many photos of them, too…. I wanted to share these two with you because I thought you’d enjoy their soulful eyes.

Here’s another giraffe with doe-like eyes.

I hope you enjoyed today’s trip to the zoo!

I will be sharing many more!

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