the joy of a zoo

At Zoo Miami, this past Thursday, because I took so many photos, it will take a while before I will be able to sort through them.   I just spent an hour or so going through the giraffe photos (they’re my favorites!), and came across this guy, looking so mad!  Woo baby… can you imagine coming into contact with this fellow in the jungle?

wouldn't want to get in his way!

And here’s an example of the different colors and coats that giraffes wear.  These are actually three different breeds, I was told:

Three different breeds of the giraffe

And here is the female enjoying some cabbage from a friendly visitor.  I also fed them some cabbage.  Their tongue is a bit rough, almost as rough as a cat’s tongue.  I loved feeling it and getting their saliva all over my fingers.  So slimy!  It was a joyful feeling to place the cabbage leaf on the edge of their curled tongue.  Once their tongue feels the cabbage is there, it goes whoosh-swhoosh and like a rocket, swoops back into their mouth.  Then, ever so quickly, it’s back out again – whoosh-swhoosh wanting more

Oh, and it’s hilarious how quickly they figure out when you’ve run out of cabbage for them.  They’re quickly done with cabbage-less humans.  Oh yes, they immediately move away in search of another human with a bowl.

Eating cabbage handouts

This is what the 14 year old giraffe looks like as he eyes a human with a bowl.  He is so used to these treats from human hands, his tongue perpetually hangs out as a convenience for the human hand with cabbage!  Oh yes, these giraffes are quite process-oriented and have the system down!

You know, there’s nothing quite so wonderful as the zoo!


3 thoughts on “the joy of a zoo

  1. Your photos are marvelous. I especially like the one of the 3 giraffes, in their varying colors, standing side by side . . . visually stimulating to say the least. The bottom photo really picks up the texture of the giraffes features in and around his/her mouth. Great job!

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