Spruced up the Place!

Did you notice the new landscape on the Loving Jazz blog?!!!  And, how about the new logo?!!!

Well, I am determined to give this blog more attention from now on… So, I spruced up the place, big time!

Most of the posts appear in the slide-show display at the top of the blog.  You just need to click “read more” to go to that post to see the photos.  And, most of the blogs categories are in the photo-boxes right underneath the slide-show of posts.  The little photos in the boxes are live links that will bring up every post in that category when you click on them.

Cool? I think so!

Photo by Andrea O'Connell, 2012

I have to admit that I love the new landscape on this blog!  I hope it’s user-friendly for everyone.

Speaking of landscape, the interesting building in this photo is the Miami Freedom Tower.  Built in 1925, it was used as an office and printing space for a Miami newspaper.  Between 1962 and 1974, it became the center for processing Cuban refugees, hence its name, The Miami Freedom Tower.  The tower is now in the National Register of Historic Places.



2 thoughts on “Spruced up the Place!

  1. Reblogged this on only dreamin' and commented:

    Posted earlier on Loving Jazz. This is the building called the Miami Freedom Tower. It once was a haven for Cuban immigrants – ensuring their safe transition from Cuba to the United States via Miami, Florida. Those were kinder and gentler days.

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